designer blood clots

Just thought I would put up a short post linking to a new press release on our work.  Tom Barker’s group has taken the lead on our rapidly growing hemostasis/artificial platelet project, and he spent the day today presenting and talking to the press about the work at the AAAS meeting. While Tom’s group has brought their deep understanding of ECM biology and engineering to the project, we have contributed new microgels that utilize molecular evolution work out of Tom’s lab to create artificial platelets. The ability of these artificial platelets to speed up clotting has been investigated in endothelialized microfluidic devices developed by Wilbur Lam’s group, making for a very exciting and dynamic collaboration. Driving this project forward, from the polymer synthesis to the ongoing (and very promising) animal studies, has been Dr. Ashley Brown, who is working with new Lyon Group grad students Caroline and Kenny, along with undergrad extraordinaire Kabir. Stay tuned – hopefully more of the great stuff going on in this project will be revealed soon.

Published by Andrew Lyon

Founding Dean, Fowler School of Engineering @ Chapman University. Formerly Dean of the Schmid College of Science and Technology @ Chapman.

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