congrats to 2 more grads

In what was a fast-paced day of science and celebration, both Kim Clarke and Shalini Saxena defended their dissertations last Monday. Kim’s talk (The Fabrication and Study of Stimuli-Responsive Microgel-Based Modular Assemblies) focused on controlling the properties of responsive thin films composed of microgels by spatially separating the assembly-controlling functionalities from the responsive elements viaContinue reading “congrats to 2 more grads”

congrats to Mark!

This is a little late, but it is still definitely worth a post!  Last Tuesday, Mark Spears successfully defended his dissertation, entitled “Microgel-Based Coatings and their Use as Self-Healing, Dynamic Substrates for Bioapplications”.  With a body of research spanning from non-fouling coatings to self-healing materials, Mark has done a ton of work in some veryContinue reading “congrats to Mark!”

congrats to Emily!

Today we witnessed an outstanding presentation by Emily Herman on the topic of microgel/polyelectrolyte interactions as the final step in her path to a Ph.D.  Of course, she defended her dissertation successfully, so we now get to call her Dr. Herman, which for some reason sounds like a ’70’s TV hospital drama to me.  We celebratedContinue reading “congrats to Emily!”

congrats to Grant!

When it rains, it pours – another group member is moving on.  Yesterday saw Grant Hendrickson give an outstanding presentation of a small slice of his research on the occasion of his Ph.D. defense.  During his time in the group, Grant worked on an incredible array of topics, including microlenses, emulsions (Pickering and traditional), resistiveContinue reading “congrats to Grant!”

congrats to Jeff!

Last month, Jeff Gaulding successfully (and brilliantly) defended his dissertation. His talk was an outstanding tour through the different synthetic approaches he has taken in order to increase the versatility and functionality of hydrogel microparticles. With today being his last day at GT, we all wish him luck as he moves on to greener pastures.Continue reading “congrats to Jeff!”